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Dissertations in equine osteopathy

On this page you can consult free of charge, the various dissertations and the thesis from the end of the first and second cycle students who have gained a diploma at the European School of Animal Osteopathy (ESAO).
The presentation and a good mark for these dissertations, achieved at three or five years of study specialising in the fundamentals of animal osteopathy, or one year of equine dentistry, are essential,( in addition to the success of the theoretical and practical exams at the end of the course), to the achieve the diploma of the ESAO.
These dissertation and thesis make up a unique database, exclusive and unpublished, which will allow you to discover the many applications of osteopathic medicine; often restricted, by limited knowledge, to back pain only. It will allow you to approach different pathologies significant to the different disciplines of the equine world, to discover the possible treatments that osteopathic medicine offers in different cases, and to glean information both varied and rarely tackled until now.
You will also find topics on dogs, cats...
With this you will have a greater appreciation of the competence of the professionals stemming from the courses rolled out by the ESAO, which has been for nearly 20 years the precursor and the reference point in matters concerning the fundamentals of animal osteopathy.

Dissertations are free consultation.

The effects of jumping at speed in racehorses; comparing shoulder problems in flat racers & hurdlers.
Este Van Heerden - 2009
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An investigation into possible problems relating to the musculoskeletal system of the horse.
Amanda James - 2009
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Osteopathic treatment in cases of tendonitis of the superficial digital flexor tendon.
Louise Byrne - 2009
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An analysis of the pathologies associated with carriage driving.
Stephanie Crutchley - 2009
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Do draw Reins inhibit the normal developpment of the musculo-skeletal sytem in the young horses and compromise normal function..
Nathalie Baker - 2007
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The long term effect of osteopathic manipulation on lateral bending in the lumbar region.
Katherine Simmonds - 2007
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A comparison of sacroiliac problems in dressage and event horses.
Emma Kaye - 2006
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Investigation of the effects of the rider’s weight and equine manual therapy on the length of the horse’s stride.
Kitty Shanahan - 2006
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What effect does parturition have on the foal ?
Gérard Murtagh - 2006
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